Are you ready for another lockdown?

** Please note that in the current Alert Level 4 our products are still available for delivery due to being essential items **


Are you prepared for another sudden lockdown? A new Covid case has been identified in the Auckland Community (Auckland and the Coromandel have both moved to Alert Level 4). This comes on the back of the governments announcement last week that New Zealand "will move into a short, sharp alert level 4 lockdown if the highly infectious Covid-19 Delta variant makes its way through the border." This means it's time to get your Home Office Space sorted with our own Delta variants - the Delta range of desks, bookcases, cupboards

Get prepared to work from the comfort of your own home, and avoid falling into unproductiveness. You can stay fit and motivated by cycling your way through any lockdown on our spindesk while you check your emails. We can’t guarantee immunity but we can certainly help you inoculate yourself from any additional stress with the right set up for your Home Office Space.

Lockdowns can be hard, so make life easy on yourself and get your home office set up today.

Home Office Setup | Home Office Space

There's plenty of different options to get you started.

1. A basic, simple, minimalist setup. Perfect for those of you who simply want a screen to plug your laptop into while you get your instant coffee sorted in the morning to sit down and check emails. Try something simple like our Sonic 1200 desk, which is small, sleek and affordable. Combine it with the Stat Mid Back Chair, and you're good to go! 

2. Already have a desk but want something more? Awesome, we have a few really handy additions to your Home Office Space. Try the Arise Deskalator, to easily convert any surface into a sit / stand option. Add some extra power to your work desk by clamping on a Power Board, clean the air around you with an Air Purifier, or extend your display with dual monitor arms.

3. Go all out. Feel like splurging a bit? Want to try find something that will increase productivity, but also entertain the kids? Check out the Whiteboard Table's we have - you can jot down ideas and take notes directly on the easy-to-clean surface, and then later on the kids can draw on it and entertain themselves for hours. It's the best of both worlds when you're working from home. Be sure to check out our Darth Hi Back Chair too - extreme comfort while you put in the long hours working in your Home Office Space. Or you can get yourself a partition board to separate your work space from your home space for cancelling out noise.


Whiteboard TableDual Monitor ArmsPower Board Desk ClampArise DeskalatorPartition Board

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Abilene Tall Shelf - Home Office Space NZ
Abilene Tall Shelf
Acoustic Freestanding Partition - Home Office Space NZ
Acoustic Freestanding Partition - Home Office Space NZ
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Acoustic Freestanding Partition
Active Task Chair - Home Office Space NZ
Active Task Chair - Home Office Space NZ
Active Task Chair
from $610.00
Adjustable Footrest Black - Home Office Space NZ
Adjustable Footrest Black
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Adjustable Footrest Platinum