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For us Kiwi's, 'kia ora' is more than just hello, because it references life and health. In its literal sense, 'ora' refers to a state of living, or being alive. At Home Office Space, we genuinely want to help bring the best to offices by providing furniture that doesn't just do the bare minimum. Our purpose is to provide office furniture that supports the health and wellbeing of everyday Kiwi's.

We are committed to prioritising the needs and comfort of our customers and the community, with a strong emphasis on service and educating people by offering resources and support. We believe that educated people, make more informed decisions, leading to longer-term health and wellbeing improvements through understanding of ergonomic needs. At Home Office Space, our ergonomic products are a valuable resource for individuals and organisations looking to improve their comfort and productivity in their school, or workplace.

We believe the design of home offices and furniture can make a real, lasting difference. With up to 30% of total workplace injuries caused by musculoskeletal issues, it's important that Kiwi's have access to the right equipment to support their desk jobs. This is why we founded Home Office Space with a focus on our ergonomic range, and have partnered with registered Chiropractors like Dr. Sam Baktash to provide expert advice on our home office setup.

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Dr. Sam Baktash

Our customers love us

Home office space was founded at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, with a mission to help meet the demand of everyday kiwi's looking to set up their ideal office space at home.

Because we genuinely want to help, we go the extra mile with customer service, coordinating deliveries for any project, and ultimately ensuring that our Kiwi business partners get the outcomes they are looking for.

Here's what our customers say about their experiences doing business with Home Office Space:


I'm pretty picky when it comes to office chairs. The Stat High Back Chair is one of the best I have ever bought.

The price was very reasonable as well. It's not often you get value for money these days. This was an exception. Thank you!

Lee Curtis

This desk looks very smart and is an excellent size. It must be a good one as hubby pinched it off me, after I'd put it together I might add. (granddaughter helped me lift the top on).

Happy Customer

I was worried about buying online from a newish company, but my transaction was everything you'd want. Fast, efficient, easy transparent, and a quality product.

I will buy from here again, and am recommending to family, friends, and now you.


It's a better chair than my old one, which was falling apart after only casual use. Worth investing in quality.


Really like the design of the stool and the active component. It’s making me use my leg muscles and really helping my posture

Abilene Tall Shelf - Home Office Space NZ
Abilene Tall Shelf
Adjustable Footrest Black - Home Office Space NZ
Adjustable Footrest Black
Adjustable Footrest Platinum - Home Office Space NZ
Adjustable Footrest Platinum
Anti-Fatigue Mat Large - Home Office Space NZ
Anti-Fatigue Mat Large - Home Office Space NZ
Anti-Fatigue Mat Large
Anti-Fatigue Wobble Board - Home Office Space NZ
Anti-Fatigue Wobble Board - Home Office Space NZ
Anti-Fatigue Wobble Board

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