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As I'm sure you've all experienced, the costs of working from home can be very real. The neat division between work time and work space is gone. Work bleeds into the rest of your life and can become relentless and even at times overwhelming - especially those of us juggling kids at home with work.

Research suggests that it is critical to create a division of time and space for work to optimise not just your efficiency, but your mental health. Allocate certain hours of the day for working from home, and remember to allocate time when you are not working - it's important to schedule in breaks and actually follow through with committing to them (yes, I'm talking to you workaholics!). Most importantly, making sure you have a dedicated area where work happens setup, otherwise the kitchen bench or dining room table can become just another workstation rather than a place to share meals and family time. Make sure when the laptop screen goes down, tools go down as well. There's nothing more stressful than trying to work from home just as kids and significant others are arriving home when you don't have a dedicated space setup. 

The Maison Range is purpose-built for home offices. It has some stylish solutions for your Home Office Space which are compact, efficient and help you keep your work space separated from your recreational space.

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Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, Maison Range
Palo Alto
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Acoustic Freestanding Partition - Home Office Space NZ
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