The Power of Visual Planning and the Perfect Tools

May 17, 2023

NCEA's persuasion for your aesthetic work:

In the modern workplace, the importance of visual planning and effective tools cannot be overstated. According to NCEA, artistic excellence has the ability to captivate and inspire the world. Instead of relying solely on plain text, incorporating visual elements into your office work can significantly enhance efficiency and productivity. So, whether you're a handwriting enthusiast or someone seeking the perfect tools for visual diary notetaking, read on to discover how items like a good diary can elevate your office experience.

For those who appreciate the tactile experience of handwriting, our Bockingford Diary Visual offers the ideal solution. With its high-quality cartridge paper and spiral binding, this notebook is designed to provide a flawless writing experience. Say goodbye to concerns about smudges on your notes, as the acid and lignin-free paper ensures pristine clarity and durability. It's the perfect canvas for capturing your fabulous ideas.

Annoying Smudges

Unleash Your Creativity with Versatile Sizes:

The Bockingford Diary Visual comes in three sizes: A3, A4, and A5. Whether you prefer a spacious canvas or a compact notebook, we've got you covered. No more delays in jotting down your fabulous thoughts or organizing your visual plans. Choose the size that suits your needs and watch your productivity soar.

office note

The Uni Lacknock 0.7mm Pen:

A Reliable Partner: To complement your visual diary, we recommend one of our top sellers - the Uni Lacknock 0.7mm retractable ballpoint pen, which come in 12-packs. Its smooth flowing ink ensures consistent brainstorming without limitations. This reliable pen is designed to provide an effortless writing experience, enabling you to express your thoughts with ease. The ergonomic soft rubberized grip adds comfort, preventing finger fatigue and soreness even during extended writing sessions. With black, blue, and red options available, you'll have everything you need to meet your daily office requirements.

Product image

For those of you artistic types, who want a more permanent solution - why not check out our whiteboard range? Jot down ideas, scribbles, or images before refining them further. Check out our full range of whiteboards to see how we can help lift the creativity in your work space! 


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