What is Antimicrobial Furniture?

Feb 21, 2023

Antimicrobials are agents that kill or stop the growth of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, or fungus on contact. One of these powerful antimicrobial agents is silver – the very additive we incorporate into the materials used to create our antimicrobial products.

These silver nanoparticles embedded in each product are small enough to break through the cell wall of any harmful microbes that it comes into contact with. Once inside, these silver nanoparticles release silver ions which disrupt the bacteria’s respiratory system, destroying its growth and stopping its reproduction – eventually killing it.

Embedding some of our products with these silver nanoparticles, including chairs and tabletops, means that the product’s surface is cleaner and safer to use than ordinary products on the market.

Because silver ions are an active additive, this antimicrobial technology works for the life of the product.

By incorporating these antimicrobial products in your workplace, you can prevent diseases and reduce the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses, or fungus.
Step back into the office with confidence with our new antimicrobial material chair products. 

Check out our Antimicrobial Chair products here.

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