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Arise Basix 3 Stage Rectangle Electric Desk

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There are so many electric desk frames out there now it is hard for consumers to know what represents good value.

The Arise Basix is covered by a 10 year warranty, and doesn't contain a cheap single motorlike lots of others on the market. The Basix frames employ two linear actuators directed by an electronic controller which reads the loads on each leg of the desk and directs power to where it is needed. This ensures that the desktop rises and falls evenly and smoothly, no matter what the load distribution. A sophisticated electronic controller directs all desk movements. It has multiple memory functions, surge immunity and ESD discharge protection. A rapid lift speed of 38mm/sec and a low noise (< 50dBA) make Arise Basix frames the professional choice in any Home Office Space.


  • Dual linear actuators.
  • Loading: 125kg
  • Arise Basix height adjustable desk frame can be configured to accommodate your own desktop with different size.
  • 2-Leg design creates free space.
  • 3 stage Leg design enables height adjustment up to 1230mm.
  • Sedentary alert.
  • Constant speed control.
  • Reliable control system, 100% aging test qualified.
  • Low standby power consumption, U. S. EPA and European ERP compliant.
  • With 3 pre-set heights memory control box.
  • Built in cable tray.
  • Lifting speed: 38mm/s
  • Noise: <50dB
  • Surge Immunity: 1 kV(L 1 to L2) / 2kV(L 1,L2 to PE)
  • ESD protection: ±4.0kV(Conducted discharge)/±8.0kV(Air discharge)


  • Width: 600-800mm
  • Length:1200-2000mm

10 year warranty

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